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1.) TBYFL VOLUNTEER APPLICATION: TBYFL Volunteer Registration Form
Complete in full, sign and attach the following and give to your Organizations Registrar or AD (NOT directly to TBYFL)

2.) Attend Hillsborough County Coaches Class

  • County Course 1 year certification - all sports - no charge - Class Schedule
  • Coaches Certification: NAYS online - 1 year certification - sport specific - cost $25 -

Submit Copy of Certification/Coaches Card with Volunteer Application

3.) Complete the free online class Concussions in Sports | What you Need to Know.

  • To complete the class Click HERE you must register with the site before you can take the class. Registration is free and the course is free.

Submit copy of certificate with Volunteer Application

4.) Identification: (If New Volunteer)

  • Drivers License
  • Student ID
  • Law Enforcement ID

Submit copy with Volunteer Application

5.) Background check: (except Law Enforcement & Jr. Coaches)

Use this link to complete your background check Online - cost $40 - confidential -Online Background submission (Result will be sent to TBYFL)

SUBMIT 1,2,3,4 if applicable to your A.D. / Cheer Coordinator, or Registrar

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