The Progress Village Panthers is a non-profit organization for Youth Football and Cheerleaders program for boys and girls ages 4 – 14 years old. We are a volunteer run organization and have families from Progress Village and the surrounding communities participating. It is our goal to provide an alternative environment for these youth to flourish. We stress the importance of education, non-violence, respect, and an anti-drug campaign. Our organization offers a tutoring program for students who may need additional help with their studies or courses.
The Progress Village Panthers is a little league football team that began with a vision of Mr. Larry Sanders, Sr. and Mr. Jeffrey O. Key in April of 1996. Through the hard work and diligence of these two individuals and with the support of a group of willing and dedicated men and women: Tyrone Timmons, Twilla Timmons, Dwayne E Sanders Sr., Daralyn Doby, Julia Timmons, Harold Williams, Henry Harris, Nathaniel Scott, Henrietta Sanders, Chris Lundy and Francis Key. The team became a part of the Tampa Bay Youth Football League in June of 1997.
Our mission statement is to provide organized team sports for the youth, and to provide a safe and drug-free environment. We emphasize education, building teamwork skills, and promoting positive relationships between youth and adults, along with building developmental skills. Our organization is interested in our youth from a holistic viewpoint, including educational aspirations along with community and religious involvement. We take pride in ourselves and we focus on high standards. We continue to demand from our children and our staff this same quality. The staff includes;  The Executive Board,  The Board of Directors, Coaches, Athletic Director and Cheerleading Coordinator.
1. Safety First and Youth First Participation2. Provide opportunities for fun and enjoyment through a football and cheerleading program that emphasizes youth and is free of adult ambition.3. Continual development of good sportsmanship and physical fitness4. Instill the teaching skills, techniques, and fundamentals of the sports of football and cheerleading.5. Only participate in programs with strict controls over age, size, and equipment of participants.6. Accept nothing less than proper conduct from all participants, coaches, and spectators.


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