Total Student Athlete

This year the Progress Village Panthers (PVP) provided our youth with a Total Student Athlete (TSA) experience. 

PVP leaders recognize the youth participants must excel in the classroom, life then football. Our TSA program was created to empower our youth minds with skills they can carry past youth football. 

PVP developed TSA curriculum to build our youth confidence in the classroom and correct answers to tough adolescence situations. The TSA curriculum involved Tutoring, Writing competitions, Professional Forums, Vision Boards, and Coach lead practical situations. We believe at PVP these services will yield us better Student/Athletes.

The PVP youth were visited by local professionals including Veterans, Pastors, Police Officers, Local High School Head Football Coaches, Local Millionaires and NFL Players. No matter what visitor spoke to our players the message was the same, “School First”. The objective for our speakers was to provide our youth with realistic outlooks for life.

Our coaches were given weekly scenarios to challenge the players to think about Adulthood. These conversations sparked better understandings of how academia plays a huge part in adulating. The players realized the tasks their guardians are faced with daily and how they must prepare. This agenda challenged our players and coaches to identify answers to everyday situations like; cooking, bills, taxes, or relocating.

Vision boards and writing challenges helped us identify our youth misunderstanding. Through these surveys we were then able to develop sport based examples to help our tutors reformat teaching strategies for better comprehension.

Overall the PVP TSA program touched over 300 children in 2019;

  • We awarded over 20 student/athletes with rewards for their outstanding writing abilities.
  • We created 40+ Vision Boards.
  • We heard from 50+ exceptional community professionals. 

 The PVP family is ready to meet the evolving needs of our children. This is a great program to continue to show our parents and community we place scholar above all else. The educational team is looking forward to ideas and support to making this program even better next year.

Jon Sutton

Jamal Huff

PVP Education Team

Career Day